PM Üstel calls on citizens with tankers to join efforts
Date Added: 24 June 2022

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel was at the fire zone again on Thursday night.

Stating that the picture was worse than the day before, Üstel called on citizens with water tankers to go to the crisis area and contribute to the fire fighting efforts.

Speaking to BRT, Üstel said that the fire had started in the Mersinlik region before spreading over a wider area.

He called on all citizens with water tankers to go to the crisis area and aid in the fire fighting efforts.

“We want people with pressurized water tankers to fill up their tanks and come to the crisis area. There is a great effort going on to extinguish the fire and cool off the burnt areas to prevent the fires from flaring up again. I believe that we can prevent the fire from spreading to the other side of the road and prevent an even greater disaster,” said Üstel.

He stated that the inability of the aircraft to operate at night made the fire fighting efforts even more difficult at night.

“We lost the battle on the left side of the Ardahan-Mersinlik road, and we are trying to stop the fire from crossing over to the other side,” said Üstel, adding that Kantara was very important for everyone.

“We are fighting a big battle. I believe that with cooling efforts and by using dozers to clear the area and widening the path we will prevent an even further disaster,” said Üstel.