PM Üstel inspects road works at Alsancak
Date Added: 03 April 2024

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel and the Minister of Public Works and Transportation Erhan Arıklı inspected the new roundabout arrangement at the entrance of Alsancak on Tuesday.

Speaking during the visit, Minister Arıklı stated that one of the important problems of the Girne-Alsancak road is the intersection at the Alsancak entrance, and that many discussions took place regarding what would be the best option for the entrance of Alsancak but after some discussions a decision was taken to build a roundabout which the premier wanted to see firsthand.

He said that after inspecting the area it was clear that the roundabout was working splendidly.

“We have seen that the roundabout is quite functional, and I want to thank everyone who contributed. Now we will be able to quickly start the continuation of the road” said Arıklı.

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel for his part stated that they have been working to relieve the Alsancak- Karşıyaka-Çamlıbel-Güzelyurt road since 2023 and within the scope of these studies, the roundabout at the entrance of Alsancak was designed by the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation.

Reminding that the Girne-Alsancak main road has been on the agenda since 2012, the Prime Minister said, “Our government said that we will finish this road, so we have come all the way to Alsancak. We solved the disputed roundabout so now after this we will continue out project in the Lapta Hotels District, that is, all the way to the exit of Lapta.”

Noting that they were pleased to see how much the traffic had been relieved in the area, Üstel said that in addition to the roads, road lighting, sidewalks, walking paths and bus stops were also built within the scope of the project.

Explaining that work carried out in at the Alsancak junction will be carried out all the way to the Lapta junction, Üstel said that they hope to bring a road to the region that people can use more safely and comfortably.