PM Üstel meets with UBP branches in Girne
Date Added: 12 February 2024

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel has said that his government has achieved economic and political stability in the country.

Addressing an event he attended on Sunday, Prime Minister Ünal Üstel said, “Much brighter days await us after June,” and added, “We have a long road to walk until 2027.”

Üstel also touched upon the recent flood disaster, announcing that necessary assistance would be provided to the affected citizens…

The leader of the National Unity Party (UBP) and Prime Minister Ünal Üstel met separately with chairman of his party’s branches in the Girne District.

Üstel was accompanied by Minister of Finance Özdemir Berova, UBP Girne Deputy Hasan Küçük, and head of the UBP’s Girne District Office Bülent Kutay during the visit.

Listening to the views of heads of the party offices on a wide range of interal party matters, Üstel emphasized “stability” in his speeches.

He also touched upon the recent flood disaster in his speech… Üstel announced that necessary assistance would be provided to the affected citizens.

“We will compensate our citizens for the damage they suffered to their property in Geçitköy, Lapta, Karşıyaka, Geçitkale, and other areas. This will be a first in history… Our district heads and technical teams are working to determine the true extent of the damage caused. No one will be left in distress,” he said.

Üstel also vowed to complete pending projects and said that his party was assurance of action and achievement, working tirelessly for the TRNC.

The prime minister gave examples of the reforms and completed projects in 2023, saying, “Despite all obstacles, we implemented the Municipalities Reform. When we came to power, we opened Ercan Airport with the support of the Motherland.”

Üstel mentioned that the interconnectivity project to bring electricity from Türkiye via cable is progressing step by step, stating that with this historic project, all obstacles in the path for solar and greener energy will be removed.

The premier also said that the dual-carriage way in the Girne region was near completion and that the time had come for a carriage way to be built to the east of Girne.

Üstel also praised the government’s achievements in terms of the economy explaining that the government had increased public sector salaries to meet the 50.3% in the rise of the cost of living.

He explained the separate steps taken to address the problems experienced in the private sector.

“We provide low-interest long-term loans to our young people. We provide social housing loans. We will exempt all housing taxes from these loans. We are completing the infrastructure works of rural areas. We provided the First Home Loan, now we have announced the second package… We have integrated our disabled young people into the workforce because we want our young people to take care of their states, to cling to their lands,” he said.

Üstel continued, “We will have much better days after June because we have achieved stability. We are in favor of the continuation of the achieved political and economic stability and peace. We have a road to walk until 2027.”

Üstel also stated that they continue to implement both economic and strategic projects with Türkiye.

He said that as a result of the Eastern Mediterranean Vessel Traffic Monitoring Project signed with Türkiye, centers will be established in Sadrazamköy, Karpaz, and the Gazimağusa Bay, which will both increase the security of the TRNC and take an important step in the Eastern Mediterranean.