PM Üstel: We are preparing to embrace the world
Date Added: 06 October 2023

“We are preparing to embrace the world”.

These words belong to Prime Minister Ünal Üstel who announced the important goals the government has set for the upcoming period and 2024.

He emphasized that 2024 will be a year in which they will realize major projects.

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel made evaluations regarding the new legislative year, government work and current issues on a television program he attended.

Prime Minister Üstel stated that as the government and with all means available to them and with the significant contributions from Türkiye, they continue to work in all areas that the people need.

Stating that they aim to implement the 5-year development plan in the first quarter of 2024 and update their vision in the light of this data, Üstel said “In the coming period, one of our most important projects will be to update the country’s physical plan and accordingly to regulate the Country Zoning Plans that will protect the country, the environment and economic life.”

Stating that the East Girne Ring Road and Lefkoşa North Ring Road projects will be their top priorities, Üstel explained that a significant part of the expropriation processes have been completed and the projects will start soon.

Stating that amongst their priorities new school projects and structural strengthening projects of schools have also been given room, Üstel said, “The necessary tender processes for strengthening projects have been completed. In the next few days, the projects will start simultaneously.”

He said that the contribution provided by the financial and economic cooperation protocols signed with Türkiye, will provide resources for the projects and that the necessary steps will be taken in the new period.

Touching upon work that is taking place in parliament, Üstel underlined that they will work with the parliament and committees in the new period as they had in the previous period and that they will realize the legal arrangements expected by the people.

Prime Minister Üstel pointed out that the issues underlined in the declaration published after the National Security Council of Türkiye heralds the important developments to be experienced in the coming period.

“We are repeating our desire to embrace the world, our demand to take our rightful place in the world with greater self-confidence and a stronger voice on every platform,” said Üstel, adding that for this reason, a special committee was established to update the outdated laws.

He said that if a goal has been set to embrace the world then all efforts must be exhausted to prepare the country so that it can compete with the world in every field.