Police issues message for Ramadan Bayram
Date Added: 19 April 2023

The General Directorate of Police has issued a written statement ahead of the three-day Bayram holiday, wishing the public a safe, peaceful and accident-free holiday.

Police said that all necessary safety measures have been taken to ensure the public can spend the Ramadan Bayram in an safe and peaceful atmosphere.

In its message, the Police Department reminded that “religious holidays, which have an important place in our lives, are one of the exceptional days when love, respect and tolerance as well as human relations are strengthened and hopes are revived.”

It said that all measures have been taken to ensure that the public has a safe Ramadan festival.

The police department reminded that the police hotlines, HELP 155, FIRE 199 and NARCOTICS 156 will remain operational and in service 24 hours a day.

It warned the public not to endanger the life and property of others particularly when driving during the three-day holiday.

“Do not drink and drive Remember, alcohol dulls perceptions and distracts. Drivers should not use mobile phones, text, or talk via hands free whilst driving such actions result in distractions and cause traffic accidents,” the statement read.

It also called on the public to report other drivers who are seen endangering the safety of life and property of others and failing to follow traffic rules.

“Remember wearing a seat belt save lives. Make sure that everyone travelling in your vehicle is wearing their seat belt. Do not drive fast. Remember that speeding will only shorten your life, not the journey. Your priority in traffic should not be to speed, but to arrive at your destination safe and sound,” the message read.