Pr. Tatar carries out early morning inspection in fire stricken area
Date Added: 23 June 2022

President Ersin Tatar said that the area damaged by the fire will be determined after a reconnaissance flight with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UVA).

He also announced that after the reconnaissance flight has been completed, Mersinlik residents who want to return to their homes will be able to do so.

President Ersin Tatar carried out an early morning inspection in the fire stricken areas.

Stating that small fires are still continuing in a wide area, Tatar said that the fire department aims to completely extinguish these fires today with the support of aircraft from Türkiye, the Greek Cypriot Administration and Israel.

President Ersin Tatar paid a visit to the Mersinlik area this morning and received information about the extinguishing efforts.

The President, together with the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Dursun Oğuz, carried out inspections from the air.

President Tatar, who took part in a special broadcast on BRT gave information about the latest developments and said that over 10 thousand acres have been burned.

President Tatar noted that the exact figure will become clear after the reconnaissance flight of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle has taken place.

Stating that extraordinary efforts have been carried out since yesterday to prevent the fire from spreading, the President said, “Ardahan and Topcuköy villages were in danger in the evening. There was some clean-up work. Everyone cleared around the village with their tractors. Therefore the fire did not reach either village. There was a similar danger in the Tatlısu village. With extraordinary efforts, the fire was prevented from reaching the Tatlısu village.”

Noting that small fires still continue in a wide area, President Tatar stated that the fire may spread rapidly again depending on the severity of the wind.

Noting that two fire fighting aircrafts will arrive upon the instruction of the Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay, the President said that this way the extinguishing efforts will continue more effectively.

Reminding that two small fire fighting aircrafts from the Greek Cypriot administration contributed to the efforts yesterday, Tatar said that they will continue their efforts today.

He also said that they made a request today for the two helicopters from the British bases to continue their efforts today as well.

Emphasizing that it is not easy to put out a fire  fire after it breaks out, President Tatar noted that the important thing is to prevent the fire from breaking out.

He also pointed out that the fire was caused by a car that caught fire outside a house in the middle of the forest.