Pr Tatar: Erenköy is a part of our homeland

Eklenme Tarihi: 08 Nisan 2021

President Ersin Tatar received a delegation from the Erenköy Fighters Association on Wednesday.

Speaking during the visit President Tatar pointed to the importance of the dedicated struggle and sacrifice waged by the Erenköy fighters.         “Our former Prime Minister Irsen Küçük, who is not among us today, was the first president of your association, and I remember him with much pride. May those who gave their lives in Erenköy and those who passed later on rest in peace,” he said.

Touching upon the Cyprus issue and the upcoming 5+UN meeting that is to take place in Geneva later this month, President Tatar said that preparatory meetings are continuing.

Noting that a new political will had emerged with the last presidential elections, Tatar said that since coming to office they have been voicing their views in favour of a two-state solution in Cyprus.

Explaining that Turkey is not only the motherland or a guarantor country in Cyprus but the most powerful country in the region, Tatar referred to the comments made earlier by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that the time for talks on achieving a federal settlement is now over.

“The world is now aware that we have changed our position and that there are two sovereign states in Cyprus. Turkey will provide the Turkish Cypriot side with all the support it needs” said Tatar, adding that he will be defending a solution based on the Turkish Cypriot people’s sovereign equality, independence and right for freedom at the meeting in Geneva.

Explaining that the Turkish Cypriot people had passed through many difficulties and hardships until establishing their own state, President Tatar said “it is our natural right to resist against those who are trying to force us to be absorbed by the so-called Republic of Cyprus.

He also said that it was out of the question for Turkish Cypriots to be forced to reach an agreement that does not have their consent.