Pr. Tatar held a meeting with representatives of sports federations
Date Added: 24 March 2023

The Presidential People’s Council held its 8th meeting on Thursday. Heads of the TRNC’s sports federations attended the meeting, which focused on the country’s sporting activities.

Expressing his appreciation to the efforts of the sporting federations to lift the cruel and inhumane embargoes imposed on the Turkish Cypriot people, Tatar highlighted the importance of sports and sports federations to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).”

Speaking during the meeting attended by representatives of 16 sports federations in the TRNC, President Tatar stressed that the champion angels volleyball team which perished under the wreckage of the İsias Hotel in Adıyaman will never be forgotten and that their memories will be kept alive.

He added that he was closely following the ongoing criminal investigation and the judicial process concerning the collapse of the hotel building.

Noting that he had been involved in sports and sports activities for years, Tatar said that he was well aware of the problems faced by the sports federations and athletes.

Expressing his view that participation of Turkish Cypriot athletes in both international sporting events and institutions as well as competitions organised by the Organization of Turkic States will contribute greatly to the promotion of the TRNC, the president said that he was closely following successful athletes and that his support in that direction will continue.

Praising the efforts of the presidents of sporting federations to lift the cruel and inhumane embargoes against the Turkish Cypriot people, the youth and sports, Tatar stressed the necessity of unity and solidarity on this issue.

The presidents of the various sports federations for their part described the meeting as historic for the country’s sports.

Various problems of sports federations and their ideas and suggestions for overcoming these problems were also discussed during the meeting.