Pr. Tatar and Parl. Speaker Töre issue messages
Date Added: 10 March 2023

State and government officials have issued messages in remembrance of martyrs who fell during the 1964 resistance that took place at the Malya village.

Both President Ersin Tatar and Parliamentary Speaker Zorlu Töre issued messages on Thursday to mark the day.

In his message President Tatar stated that attacks against Turkish Cypriots by the Greek-Greek Cypriot duo prior to 1974 in the Malya and the Bağlarbaşı villages had turned into a massacre.

He added that this brutality and cruelty will never be forgotten.

“We will never forget these fascist attacks, our people who were martyred or the massacres committed against our people. It is not possible for us to give up on our sovereignty, which we have achieved as a result of the struggle we waged with great sacrifices and Türkiye’s rightful and legitimate intervention. We will never give up on our state, the guarantee of Motherland Türkiye or the Turkish army” said Tatar.

He also underlined once again that the Turkish Cypriot side is in favour of a fair, permanent and sustainable agreement through negotiations in Cyprus.

“However, everyone should know that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is as sovereign and legitimate as the Greek Cypriot State. The only formula that will bring cooperation, prosperity and stability to our island and our region is a solution based on sovereign equality and equal international status to be implemented on this basis” said Tatar.

Meanwhile Parliamentary Speaker Zorlu Töre also issued a message to mark the occasion.

In his message Töre noted that the Turkish Cypriot people have fought many struggles to defend their homeland and to maintain their existence on the island, and gave martyrs for this cause.

“Malya Martyrs, whom we once again commemorate with respect on the anniversary of their martyrdom, are also symbols of this struggle, ”Töre concluded.