Pr. Tatar receives Retired Non-commissioned Officers’ Association

Eklenme Tarihi: 07 Nisan 2021

President Ersin Tatar on Tuesday emphasized that the Turkish Cypriot people will never give up their state or sovereignty.

Speaking during a visit paid to him by the Retired Non-commissioned Officers’ Association headed by Esen Ömürlü, President Tatar noted that the struggle waged by the Turkish Cypriot people was continuing.

He added that talks on achieving a federal settlement were a thing of the past.

Tatar noted that a permanent, sustainable and comprehensive agreement in Cyprus can only be possible by turning a new page and adopting a new understanding

Tatar also emphasized the importance of sovereign equality.

“The future of our children depends on our sovereignty. If the other side does not see you as their sovereign equal then, such equality is not possible” said Tatar.

He expressed the view that a solution should be based on the sovereign equality of two equal states existing side-by-side and cooperating.

“This is what we have been informing everyone we meet with,” Tatar said.

Explaining that he has been informing foreign officials about his views, Tatar said “our interlocutors are listening to us carefully”.

He said that the Greek Cypriot side aims to absorb the Turkish Cypriot people into the so-called Republic of Cyprus as a minority by crushing them through isolations and embargoes.

This will never happen, the president said, adding that the Turkish Cypriot people had made great sacrifices and were governing themselves since 1963.

He explained that the referendum held on the Annan Plan showed the world that Turkish Cypriots were a separate people who voted to determine their own future.

Noting that a new political will had emerged during the presidential elections, Tatar said that the future of the TRNC’s children depended on its sovereignty.

Reminding that the British had granted sovereignty to both peoples when leaving the island, President Tatar said Turkish Cypriots were as sovereign as Greek Cypriots were on the island.

Tatar concluded by highlighting the importance of Turkey’s support and guarantees for the existence of the Turkish Cypriot people.