Pr. Tatar visits Ankara Chamber of Commerce
Date Added: 22 October 2021

President Ersin Tatar who is carrying out a variety of contacts in the Turkish Capital Ankara paid a visit to the Ankara Chamber of Commerce.

The head of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Turgay Deniz accompanied the president during the visit.

Speaking first during the meeting the speaker of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce Mustafa Deryal pointed to the importance of further developing relations between the two countries.

The head of the board of directors of the Ankara Trade of Commerce Gürsel Baran said that they gave great importance to Cyprus and added that they will do everything they can to further develop trade with the TRNC.

Addressing the 43rd assembly meeting of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Tatar stated that the Turkish Cypriot people will never accept the withdrawal of Turkey from the island or severing their ties.

Noting that with every passing day the importance of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was increasing further, Tatar said that for years the Turkish Cypriot people have been fighting for their existence and added that Turkey has always extended its support to the Turkish Cypriot people.

Explaining that Turkish Cypriot people have equal rights in Cyprus, Tatar said that the Turkish Cypriot people were expelled from the Republic of Cyprus by force of arms and subjected to massacres only to gain their independence thanks to Turkey.

Tatar said that they are always grateful to Turkey and the Turkish Armed Forces.

Stating that the goal of the Greek Cypriot side had not changed, President Tatar said that the Greek Cypriots still saw Cyprus as a single country even after joining the EU, still demanded Turkey’s withdrawal from the island and still saw Turkish Cypriots as a minority.

Tatar added that the Greek Cypriots wanted the continuation of the so-called Republic of Cyprus, which had transformed into a Greek state as well as the abolition of the TRNC.

Touching upon the investment opportunities in the TRNC, Tatar said that with the hopes of reaching an agreement Maraş had remained closed for 47 years.

He added the town was now reopened and that it will contribute to the country’s economy.

Tatar emphasized that they will build the future by acting together with Turkey in the Blue Homeland.