President says Ercan airport, TRNC’s gateway to the world
Date Added: 06 September 2023

President Ersin Tatar held inspections on Tuesday at Ercan Airport’s new terminal building and runway.

The airport, the country’s most important gateway to the world was opened by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on July 20, providing services to passengers in modern conditions.

Tatar told reporters during the visit that Ercan Airport was the Turkish Cypriot people’s window to the outside world.

He also mentioned that the airport aims to reach a capacity of 4.5 million passengers next year, adding that having an airport comparable to those in developed countries would change the country’s image and perception.

President Tatar, along with Minister of Public Works and Transportation Erhan Arıklı, inspected the new terminal building at Ercan Airport on Tuesday.

Speaking to the press ahead of the on-site inspection, Minister Arıklı said that the president had been briefed by the officials from the contractor company officials on the latest state of the airport.

He noted that it was only natural for the airport, which was a massive airport by international standards to experience some problems, but assured that there are no shortcomings in passenger safety and comfort.

Also speaking to reporters, President Ersin Tatar reminded that the new airport building and runway was inaugurated on the 20th of July Peace and Freedom Day, with the participation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

He acknowledged that there were some challenges at the new terminal of Ercan Airport but mentioned that they have been overcome, and the airport will improve further with contributions from the contractor company, the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation, and Türkiye’s relevant authorities.

Tatar also reminded that the tender for the new airport had been launched during his tenure as Minister of Finance, but that work had been hit by various delays such as the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

“However, they eventually achieved to complete the new airport which is at international standards. This is the fourth largest airport in Türkiye’s rankings,” he said, pointing out that the target was to reach 4.5m passengers by next year.

Tatar added that airline companies have already started working on increasing their flights.

President Tatar also expressed his pride in having an airport comparable to those in developed countries, emphasizing that it would change the image and perception of the TRNC.

After speaking to the press, Tatar toured Ercan Airport, conducted inspections, and received information from officials.