President Tatar gives conference at Giresun University
Date Added: 06 October 2023

President Tatar gave a conference on “The Strategic Importance of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) in the Turkic World” at the Giresun University, where he also received an honourary doctorate.

Speaking here the President said that the TRNC with its air and sea space, the project of the century, the new airport, energy investments, education, agriculture and tourism investments has an important place in its region, the world and the Turkic world.

Tatar said that he was honoured to see that the Turkish Cypriot peoples struggle in the Eastern Mediterranean was appreciated.

Underlining that a federal solution is no longer acceptable, President Tatar stated that they will never fall prey to a situation where the Turkish Cypriot people become a minority and Türkiye is forced to leave the island.

Noting that the Turkish Cypriot people continue to be kept under unjust embargoes despite voting in favour of an agreement and reconciliation, Tatar noted that this is unfair.

He also emphasized that the Greek Cypriots are still trying to prevent the TRNC from developing and increasing its visibility.

The Giresun University Rector Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Can, Giresun Mayor Aytekin Şenlikoğlu, Giresun Deputy Ertuğrul Gazi Konal and Giresun Governor Mehmet Fatih Serdengeçti all delivered speeches at the opening of the ceremony.

The importance of the Cyprus cause was highlighted and support was expressed for President Ersin Tatar in his ongoing struggle.

Meanwhile within the framework of his visit to Giresun, President Ersin Tatar also met with Cyprus veterans.

Speaking at the dinner organized by the Giresun Municipality in honour of the veterans, President Tatar stated that they had rejected a solution under a federal roof and added “there is no more north-south, there is a sovereign independent Turkish state in Cyprus.”

The Giresun Municipality Council presented President Ersin Tatar with an “honorary citizenship certificate”.

Delivering a short speech President Tatar stated that the ties between them were further strengthened with the honorary citizenship certificate.

He said that they are working to develop the sacred ties between them in a healthy way, to maintain peace and tranquillity in the region, to continue the development of the TRNC and to protect the rights and interests together with Türkiye.