President Tatar says all parties and MPs point at early elections
Date Added: 26 October 2021

President Ersin Tatar on Monday met with four independent MPs in the TRNC parliament as part of ongoing efforts to determine whether or not any ground exists for a new coalition government.

Within this framework Tatar received independent MPs Hasan Topaloğlu, Mesut Genç and Hasan Büyükoğlu in the morning.

Later in the afternoon he received Bertan Zaroğlu.

Speaking to reporters after the meetings, President Ersin Tatar said that the independent MPs had shared the same view that a new coalition was not possible under the current circumstances.

He added that all four MPs had expressed the view that the best option would be to hold early elections.

Tatar said that the current government would not be able to receive a vote of confidence which was why he was moving the process along in line with his constitutional duties.

Responding to criticisms that he could call for early elections at a closer date, President Tatar said that parliament could set an earlier date if it wanted to.

He reminded that the party representatives were talking about early elections on December 26 but that he will be waiting for the outcome of the UBP General Congress set to take place this weekend.

“The earliest date on the calendar points at January 9,” Tatar said.

The president pointed out that under the current circumstances it will not be possible to pass the 2022 budget before the next year which was why it was necessary to hold early elections as soon as possible.

“It would not be right for the new government to run the country with the previous government’s budget,” he said, adding that holding elections in January would be best.

“However I believe it would be best for parliament to set the date for early elections,” Tatar said.