President Tatar visits Lefke region
Date Added: 29 May 2023

President Ersin Tatar visited the Lefke area on Sunday, meeting with producers and local residents.

Tatar also conducted inspections at the Aplıç crossing point.

According to information provided by the Office of the President, Tatar received a warm welcome and great interest during his visit.

Speaking during his visit, President Tatar stressed the importance of domestic production for the development of the area and contribution to the economy. ,

He also gathered information about production-related matters.

Stressing that he was always among and alongside the people, the president said he had made it his priority to visit every corner of the country, engaging with and evaluating current issues with the public.

Tatar also noted that the Lefke region had been developing, particularly in citrus fruit production, and making significant contributions to the economy.

He pointed out that the citrus producers, worked to ensure that fresh products are consumed in a healthy manner.

Tatar also highlighted that small businesses in the region preserved their traditional techniques and cultural heritage when producing Hellim and carob products, which also create significant added value for the national economy.

President Tatar also visited the Lefke Aplıç crossing point where he received information from officials regarding border crossings.