Presidential Advisor criticizes GCA’s support to Israeli military
Date Added: 09 July 2024

 Prof. Dr Hüseyin Işıksal, the Special Advisor on International Relations and Diplomacy to President Ersin Tatar has voiced concerns over the Greek Cypriot Administration’s role as a base for countries supporting the Israeli military.

He argues that it is unrealistic to believe that developments in the Middle East, only a few hundred kilometres away, will not impact the island of Cyprus.

In an analysis for the Anadolu Agency, Işıksal discussed how using the Greek Cypriot Administration as a base by certain countries to support the Israeli military could affect the island and the broader region.

Işıksal emphasized that Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan rightly warned the Greek Cypriot Administration against becoming a base and thereby a party to Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

He highlighted the importance of taking regional and global war scenarios seriously.

Recalling Fidan’s caution that involvement in ongoing Middle Eastern conflicts would leave no one unscathed, Işıksal underlined the improbability of Cyprus remaining unaffected by these events, given its proximity.

Işıksal criticized the Greek Cypriot Administration, under the influence of the US, for destabilizing the region.

He noted that lifting the US arms embargo on the Greek Cypriots and signing a “strategic dialogue” agreement last month reaffirmed their commitment to US strategic plans in the region.

Adding to his critique, Işıksal stated that the Greek Cypriot Administration, a staunch supporter of the Netanyahu government, increasingly aligns with the US and serves Israeli interests by integrating into the Eastern Mediterranean’s arms and military systems, which certainly does not contribute to the island’s security.