Prime Minister Sucuoğlu calls the public to get vaccinated
Date Added: 01 December 2021

Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu on Tuesday reassured the public that the country will get over the current economic crisis, further exacerbated by the Turkish Lira tumbling against foreign currencies.

Evaluating the issues on the agenda during a television program, the prime minister said the government was doing all it could to mitigate the impact of the rise in the foreign currencies but that no one had expected the value of the Turkish Lira to drop this much.

Pointing out that there was little the government could do on this issue, Sucuoğlu said they were seeking ways with the means available to ease the impact of the crisis.

Reminding that the master plan for Gazimağusa-İskele-Yeniboğaziçi had been waiting to be signed for several years, Prime Minister Sucuoğlu said there will be a big transformation in the area as a result of $2bn in investments that is expected.

Noting that they had passed the 2022 budget before the elections, he said this was significant as failing to do so would have created a bigger crisis in 2022.

Touching upon the issue of higher education and tourism, the premier said the sectors were slowly recovering but that both which were important contributors to the economy had suffered heavily due to the pandemic.

Sucuoğlu also said that his party will be introducing radical reforms and changes after the January elections which will help revive the country’s economy.

Touching upon the coronavirus pandemic, he said there was an increase in the number of cases due to the arrival of winter and the new variant and that people should get vaccinated.

Noting that 85-90% of the people who lost their lives due to coronavirus were unvaccinated, Sucuoğlu said although we have enough vaccines the number of vaccinated people was not at the desired level.

Touching upon the problems experienced by arriving passengers at Ercan Airport, he said the problem had now been solved making it easier for them to enter the country.

Stating that the main problem was experienced with passengers arriving from countries listed under the orange category, he said passengers arriving from these countries who were vaccinated were not being re-tested at the airport but could enter with a PCR test carried out 72 hours before their flights.