Regaib Kandil will be observed tonight
Date Added: 11 January 2024

Laylat al Raghaib-Regaib Kandili which is the first kandil of the New Year, is being observed this evening (Thursday).

The head of Religious Affairs Ahmet Ünsal issued a message to mark the Muslim world’s Regaib Kandili.

This holy night holds great significance in the Islamic world as it is a time for raising hands in prayer, making supplications, and engaging in worship.

The head of the Religious Affairs Ahmet Ünsal issued a message on the occasion of Regaib Kandil.

Stating that the three holy months will begin with the Regaib Kandil to be realized this evening, Ünsal said in his message, “It is necessary to worship more than ever in order to benefit spiritually”.

Pointing to the importance of protecting national and spiritual values, Ünsal extended his best wishes to everyone on the occasion.