Sennaroğlu addresses conference in Ankara
Date Added: 30 November 2021

The Speaker of Parliament Önder Sennaroğlu on Tuesday urged the Arab and Islamic world to work towards encouraging the Greek Cypriot side to abandon what he described was its intransigent stance on the Cyprus Issue.

Addressing MPs and delegates from Arab and Islamic countries at the 4th conference organised in the Turkish capital Ankara by the Inter-parliamentary Jerusalem Platform, Sennaroğlu said that the Turkish Cypriot people perhaps were the best that understood the strife of the Palestinian people and what it meant to be forced to abandon their ancestral homes by violence and war.

“It is for this reason we stand by our Palestinian brothers and sisters,” he said.

Pointing out that Jerusalem was part of Palestinian state; the TRNC Speaker of Parliament said that the Palestinian people were not alone in their justified cause.

Also touching upon the Cyprus Issue, Sennaroğlu said that the Turkish Cypriot side with the support of Turkey had tabled new, creative and fresh ideas at the informal summit held in Geneva earlier this year in attempt to break the vicious circle on the Cyprus Problem.

“Our proposal is a two-state solution based on sovereign equality and equal international status. It has become clear that only through this approach will it be possible to reach an outcome,” he said.

Sennaroğlu said that the Turkish Cypriot side was exerting great diplomatic efforts to convince everyone that this is the most feasible option in Cyprus.

The TRNC Speaker of Parliament and his accompanying delegation are expected to return to the island tomorrow.