‘Symposium on Vanishing Cultural Heritage’
Date Added: 12 February 2024

Work towards the ‘Symposium on Vanishing Cultural Heritage’ continues.

The first workshop to be held within the scope of the symposium was held under the tutelage of Birgül Feyzioğlu.

The ‘Symposium on ‘Vanishing Cultural Heritage’ continues and the main aim of the symposium, which will be held for the first time in Cyprus, is to strengthen the perception of protecting cultural heritage and to draw attention to the cultural heritage that is being destroyed or disappearing.

The first workshop was organized by Birgül Feyzioğlu together with students from the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) and the Near East University (NEU).

Making a statement regarding the workshop Birgül Feyzioğlu said “this study has shown us that museum education can serve as a bridge between cultural heritage and society, and that it can be realized in a very enjoyable way.”

The Symposium on Vanishing Cultural Heritage will be hosted by the Acapulco Resort Convention Spa Hotel between February 22- 23.