Taçoy issues message on Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women
Date Added: 25 November 2022

Today is the 25th of November International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The Minister of Labour and Social Security Hasan Taçoy who issued a message to mark the day said that their principle on the issue was zero tolerance on violence against women.

Minister Hasan Taçoy in his message issued on Friday called on women subjected to all forms of violence to seek help from relevant institutions or the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

He added that women should not tolerate or accept violence and should report it to the relevant authorities.

“Violence against women is not only a human rights violation which deprives women of the most fundamental rights and freedoms but is also a social problem that has a negative impact on women’s social and economic life,” said Taçoy in his message, pointing out that his ministry worked together with numerous government departments, civil society organisations, local administrations and universities to deal with such issues.

Minister Taçoy said that women subjected to violence could report such incidents to the police or call the ministry’s hotline ALO183 or the “Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality’s Women’s Shelter.”

He pointed out that 55 women had sought assistance from the Ministry’s Social Services Support hotline since January 2022 with another 143 receiving free legal services as part of collaboration with the Cyprus Turkish Bars Association.

Taçoy added that another 32 female victims of violence had been given shelter at the Lefkoşa Municipality’s Women’s Shelter.