Tatar addresses conference in Ankara
Date Added: 22 October 2021

President Ersin Tatar on Thursday said that the Turkish Cypriot side desired a settlement in Cyprus based on the realities.

“That reality is that there are two separate sovereign states on the island,” Tatar said while addressing a conference organized by the Ankara Social Sciences University.

Pointing out that Turkish Cypriots have been waging a struggle for existence in Cyprus for decades, President Tatar said that the Greek Cypriots refused to see Turkish Cypriots as their equals and had in the past pursued a policy of ethnic cleansing to wipe them out of Cyprus.

He added that Turkish Cypriots had achieved their freedom and independence with the arrival of Turkey on the island.

“Our motherland has been with us ever since for which we are eternally grateful,” Tatar said.

The president said that Turkey’s presence on the island and the continuation of its guarantees was essential for Turkish Cypriots.

He added that the Turkish Cypriot people and Turkey will not be deceived in any way and will continue to protect the Blue Homeland.

President Ersin Tatar also explained that the Turkish Cypriot side had tabled its vision for a two-state solution in the presence of the UN, something which could not have been possible without the full support of Turkey.

He also thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for raising the injustices committed against Turkish Cypriots during his recent address at the UN General Assembly (UNGA).

“The Cyprus Issue is one which concerns the future of the Turkish nation. There are two separate and sovereign states in Cyprus, that is the reality,” Tatar said, adding that he will continue to work to further develop relations with Turkey.

He added that a sustainable solution in Cyprus could only be possible through the cooperation of two states co-existing side-by-side.

“The Greek Cypriots desire the continuation of the so-called Republic of Cyprus (RoC) which is basically a Greek Cypriot state in disguise,” Tatar said, pointing out that an imposed settlement on the island would only lead to a repeat of the conflict experienced in the past.

President Ersin Tatar also pointed out that all efforts to reach a federal settlement in Cyprus had been exhausted after the Greek Cypriot side had repeatedly rejected all proposals and offers.