Tatar evaluates upcoming Geneva meeting

Eklenme Tarihi: 04 Mart 2021

President Ersin Tatar evaluated the upcoming unofficial 5+1 meeting on the Cyprus issue which will be held at the end of April in Geneva to the TAK News Agency.

Reiterating that the Turkish Cypriot side had nothing to lose if no result will be obtained from the unofficial 5+1 meeting in Geneva, he said the TRNC was not far from being further improved thanks to the steps they had taken.

Tatar also reminded that Turkish President Erdoğan recently stressed that they stood by the TRNC in every field and announced that they were working on new steps.

Stating that national struggles were not easy, he said they will continue to take on a tough stance whatever the result will be in Geneva.

Explaining that he will be coming together with the EU’s High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Borell on Friday and the UN Envoy Lute on Monday, the President said that he will hold separate meetings with political parties and will also brief the parliament before he leaves for Geneva.

Stating that everyone could have different views, Tatar said “however, for us the importance of the 5+1 meeting is that we will find the opportunity to express our view that an agreement based on a federation which has been discussed for many years is exhausted.”

Stating that the UN which organized these talks under the good offices mission knew this very well, he said this issue came to the world’s agenda with the Annan Plan.  

Reminding that the Turkish Cypriot people by showing a big sacrifice and commitment said yes in the referendum and broke taboos, Tatar said “the other side said no but was awarded with EU membership thus the issue became more complicated.”

“A federal solution had been discussed in Crans Montana and serious issues had been discussed at the table during a five-party meeting for the first time” the President said and added that even his predecessor Mustafa Akıncı had admitted after the collapse of the previous process in Crans Montana that it was his generation’s last attempt at a federal solution.  

“If a process will start it will be different this time” Tatar stressed.  

Reminding that the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had also told him that despite the UN Security Council’s resolutions he was open to listening to new ideas, the President said, “this is also my response to those who oppose my views.”

“We are taking an important step. We will bring our views to the world’s agenda and we will explain to the attending parties why there was no outcome from 50-years of federation talks and then from the Annan Plan and in Crans Montana and why a two-state solution based on sovereign equality and cooperation between two states is the only way a fair and permanent solution can be reached on the island” Tatar said.

Stating that conditions had changed both in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean, he said “if you want a permanent and viable solution then it should be based on the realities of Cyprus.”

Stressing that the equilibrium had changed in the Eastern Mediterranean in favour of Turkey and the TRNC and that the TRNC became more important, President Tatar said the status of the TRNC had increased thanks to the policies they carried out in harmony with Turkey and the Maraş opening.