Tatar inaugurates park in Diyarbakır
Date Added: 24 November 2022

President Ersin Tatar on Wednesday said that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) will not remain a bystander to the ongoing armament campaign being pursued by the Greek Cypriot administration.

“Such steps could lead to unwanted incidents,” he warned.

Tatar also said that it was high time the existence of two states in Cyprus was acknowledged for the continuation of peace on the island.

President Ersin Tatar, who is on a two-day visit to Türkiye, held a series of contacts in Diyarbakır on Wednesday.

Tatar inaugurated a park named after him as well as a monument in memory of those who fought in Cyprus in 1974.

Speaking during the ceremony, President Tatar drew attention to the strong bond that exists between the TRNC and Türkiye.

Pointing out that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was voicing the need for the recognition of the TRNC at every platform he attended; Tatar said that the Turkish president’s words gave the Turkish Cypriot people courage and strength.

He also thanked the Mayor of Bağlar, Diyarbakır for naming the park after him.

“This park, dedicated to the martyrs and veterans who served in Cyprus will remind us of their sacrifices, he said, pointing out that the July 20, 1974 Turkish Peace Operation had an extremely important place in the protection of Türkiye’s and the Turkish Cypriot peoples’ rights and interests in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Following the inauguration of the park, Tatar came together with veterans from Cyprus in front of the Cyprus Peace Monument.

Speaking there, Tatar drew attention to efforts to promote the TRNC.

He said that the status of the TRNC was regularly being updated thanks to the determination shown by Türkiye which was an influential international actor both in the region and world.

Tatar said that the time had come to acknowledge the existence of two states in Cyprus which he added was the only way to maintain the peace on the island.

“No doubt the existence of a Turkish state in the Eastern Mediterranean is the key to maintaining stability in the region,” he added.

Asked to comment on the lifting of the US arms embargo on South Cyprus, Tatar warned that an arms race could lead to unwanted incidents.

“No one should expect us to remain a bystander to these activities, he said, expressing the hope that the armament campaign in South Cyprus will not lead to an outbreak of conflict.

He reminded that Turkish fighter jets were only 5 minutes away and Turkish forces 10 minutes away from Cyprus if the need to intervene emerged.