Tatar receives delegation from KTSO
Date Added: 12 June 2024

President Ersin Tatar emphasized the ongoing efforts of the Office of the President to overcome political obstacles in the export of domestic and local products during a meeting with the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry (KTSO) led by Ali Kamacıoğlu.

Receiving the delegation, Tatar underscored his frequent visits to industrial zones, acknowledging the significant investments made under challenging conditions to enhance the country’s economy and production.

“Investments made under challenging conditions are creating valuable brands for our economy,” he stated.

Highlighting the importance of import substitution and evaluating export potential, Tatar pointed out that achieving quality and standards contributes to employment and added value, making the products competitive.

He noted that within the framework of the Green Line Regulation, it is possible to market and sell locally produced industrial products to South Cyprus and the European Union, despite the difficulties.

“We are striving together to utilize these opportunities. The Presidency is always involved in overcoming some political obstacles,” Tatar said.

He also stressed the importance of protecting and encouraging local manufacturers and producers.

“If there is to be competition, it must be under fair conditions,” Tatar said, emphasizing the state’s need to support local industrialists to maintain their success.