Tatar: TRNC’s recognition is surety of peace in East Med
Date Added: 05 December 2023

President Ersin Tatar emphasized that the guarantee of peace and security in the Eastern Mediterranean is the recognition of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

“No one should think that Türkiye will give up on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,” said Tatar who delivered a speech at the Gala night of the Energy Investments and Cooperation conference within the framework of his contacts in Kyrgyzstan.

Speaking at the vent, the president that their visit was aimed at strengthening relations with Kyrgyzstan and noted that they are working to further develop their relations in all fields.

Stating that technological developments have brought them closer, Tatar said, “It is the wish of all of us that the TRNC is more accepted and connected to the world.”

Noting that the TRNC is faced with unfair embargoes and a mentality that tries to prevent it from carrying out any kind of contact, Tatar said that with the water brought to Cyprus from Anatolia, Cyprus is connected to Türkiye and now efforts to bring electricity via cable is on the agenda and that thanks to these investments, the TRNC will be connected to the Turkish world with even stronger ties as the southernmost Turkish state in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The President thanked the Union of Engineers and Architects of the Turkic World for declaring him the honorary president of the Union and said, “Your calls and efforts towards us on every occasion boost the status of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This is a national effort. As the TRNC’s status increases its visibility and functions as an independent Turkish state in the southernmost part of the world, the whole Turkish world will also become stronger”.

Stating that motherland Türkiye’s national security not only lies in the blue homeland, in the seas, in the energy issue, but also the air and the skies and passes through Cyprus in terms of its security in the south, Tatar reiterated, “the guarantee of peace, tranquillity and security in the Eastern Mediterranean is through the recognition of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”.