Third hearing of Isias case to be realized on Wednesday
Date Added: 10 June 2024

The fight for justice continues for the Champion Angels and tour guides who lost their lives in the earthquake that struck Türkiye on February 6 last year at Adıyaman Isias Otel.

A delegation of around 100 people, including Prime Minister Ünal Üstel, families and politicians, will be travelling to Adıyaman tomorrow to follow the third hearing of the trial that will take place on Wednesday.

The third hearing of the Isias Hotel case will be held on Wednesday, June 12th at Adıyaman 3rd High Criminal Court at 10.00 am.

A delegation of approximately 100 people, including Prime Minister Ünal Üstel, families and politicians, will travel to Adıyaman on Tuesday, June 11th for the Isias Hotel case to follow the developments taking place.

The second hearing of the Isias Hotel case was held on April 26 during which the case involving 72 dead and 8 wounded was merged with the additional case involving 2 more wounded.

During the April hearing, the court ruled for the continuation of the detention of the defendants Ahmet Bozkurt, Mehmet Fatih Bozkurt and Erdem Yıldız, for 8 defendants to be tried without remand with the condition of anonymity, and to request a new expert report from a technical university other than Gazi University, if possible.

The court set the next hearing date for June 12 at 10.00 am.

After the hearing on May 14, the court ordered that the expert report on the Grand Isias Hotel be re-prepared by 9 Eylül University.

Meanwhile, on May 28th, the Provincial Administrative Board of Adıyaman Governorate authorized the investigation of Adıyaman Municipality’s public officials who were separated from the Isias Hotel case.