“Three States One Nation”
Date Added: 14 May 2024

Türkiye-Azerbaijan, Türkiye -Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and Azerbaijan-TRNC Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Groups held a press conference at the Republic’s Assembly and evaluated their contacts in the TRNC.

In his opening speech, the Speaker of the Republic’s Assembly and chairman of the TRNC-Azerbaijan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Zorlu Töre referred to the history of Cyprus and the challenges it has faced.

He mentions that 50 years have passed since 1974, when the separation in Cyprus began.

Töre also highlighted the importance of unity among Turkish states and communities across the world.

He quotes Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, who refers to Cyprus a national cause, and extended his greetings to Aliyev.

Töre praises Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s efforts to recognize the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and lift embargoes and isolations that are being imposed on the Turkish Cypriot people.

Töre also addressed the events in Gaza and criticizes the lack of effective action by the UN Security Council and the dismissiveness of the US.

He emphasizes the need for closer relations between Türkiye, Azerbaijan, and Cyprus, forming a Silk Road from the Eastern Mediterranean to Central Asian Turkic Republics.

Töre emphasizes the importance of cooperation in language, business, and culture and highlighted the significance of solidarity among Turkic states and communities to overcome global challenges.

The head of the TRNC Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Resmiye Eroğlu Canaltay for her part highlighted the historical significance of holding an official meeting under the parliament’s roof for the first time.

She expressed gratitude to Türkiye and Azerbaijan for their support, stating that the Turkish Cypriot community, which has endured oppression for many years, has emerged as a real Republic that attracts global attention.

She also emphasized that these accomplishments boost the morale and confidence of the TRNC.

The Chairman of the Azerbaijan-TRNC Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Javanshir Feyziyev stated that the first Republic in the Turkic World was established in Azerbaijan in 1918 and then the Republic was established in Türkiye in 1923.

Pointing out that each Turkic state that has gained independence has its own problems, Cavanşir Feyziyev stated that they know and understand very well the suffering of the Turkish Cypriot people in terms of independence.

“The flag raised will not come down again” said Feyziyev.

The Chairman of the Türkiye-Azerbaijan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Şamil Ayrım for his part stated that the firsts were experienced in the TRNC today as a result of the historical decision taken in Azerbaijan on April 5.

He stated that the ordeals and sufferings of Cyprus are very well known by Türkiye, but unfortunately, despite so many injustices, massacres and genocide, no result has been achieved so far.

The Chairman of the Azerbaijan-Türkiye Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Ehliman Emiraslanov also expressed his pleasure to be in the TRNC and stated that they have held important contacts with the state and government officials in the past two days.

The Chairman of Türkiye-TRNC Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Orhan Erdem for his part stated that they have held high level meetings during the past two days and meeting with the people as well.

Stating that Azerbaijan-Türkiye relations are at the highest level in political, commercial and security fields, Erdem said that with the Azerbaijan-North Cyprus friendship group, diplomatic and political relations between the TRNC and Azerbaijan will further revitalize.

Noting that the Turkish Cypriot people have suffered a lot, Erdem stated that this oppression has always continued in this geography and that if the Turkish nation is not united, these will always continue.

“I believe that we will hopefully see an independent, sovereign island where two states are together and a TRNC where recognition and isolation are over in the near future” said Erdem.