Töre receives GKK Commander
Date Added: 19 September 2023

Acting President and the Speaker of Parliament Zorlu Töre received on Monday the Commander of the Cyprus Turkish Security Forces Major General Osman Aytaç.

Speaking during the visit, Töre reminded that the Cyprus Security Forces which was a continuation of the Turkish Resistance Organization had a glorious past.

Expressing that they desired the spirit of the TMT to always be kept alive and continue, he stated that this spirit was the spirit of resistance of the Turkish Cypriot people.

“Resistance is the essence of our existence. Today, the Cyprus Turkish Security Forces and the Turkish Peace Forces in Cyprus are our guarantee and our support. We are proud of you.” Töre said.

For his part, Major General Osman Aytaç, pointed out that to serve and to command the Security Forces was a source of honour for every general.

The GKK Commander also noted that he will try to be worthy of this position.