TR Ambassador Başçeri visits Sönmezliler
Eklenme Tarihi: 29 Temmuz 2021

Turkish Ambassador to Lefkoşa Ali Murat Başçeri said that the most important gain is the fact that the Turkish Cypriots have a functioning state with all its institutions at the end of their struggle for existence.

The Turkish Ambassador made the statement during a visit he paid to the Sönmezliler Center.

He praised the struggle waged by the Turkish Cypriots and said that thanks to this struggle, for 47 years there has been peace, tranquility and security on the island.

“If the Turkish Cypriots had not put forth this struggle and resistance they would be not be where they are today” said Başçeri.

Stating that there may be different opinions on various issues in every country and that these are the requirements of democracy, Başçeri said “However what is essential is the state, it must be protected. Fortunately for you, you did not give up in the long-term struggle and finally you established a state, you became the owners of a state”.

Referring to the pandemic, Başçeri reminded that Turkey’s aid and contributions continue throughout the pandemic, and noted that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay who have shown great sensitivity on the issue are calling for contributions to be made in all fields throughout the TRNC.