TR PR. Erdoğan: US decision on EastMed is purely economical
Date Added: 19 January 2022

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan commented on the US withdrawing its support to the EastMed gas pipeline project – which Turkey is not a partner to – by saying that that the US decision was a purely economic one.

“It is finally understood that nothing will come from the project” said Erdoğan and added that this project couldn’t be carried out without Turkey.

“If gas is going to go to Europe from here, it can only happen through Turkey” he added.

Answering journalists’ questions after his visit to Albania, the Turkish President stated that Turkey’s stance in the Eastern Mediterranean is clear.

“There is an agreement we have reached with Libya and this agreement has been put into an official text which we are continuing to work on. On the one hand, we bought four drilling vessels and two seismic research vessels. Did we get these for nothing? We will use these in the Black Sea and in the Eastern Mediterranean. We will have the strongest infrastructure in this regard. For this reason, America’s decision is purely an economic analysis. As a result of these analyzes, they have seen that nothing would come out of this”, said Erdoğan.

Noting that the Israeli energy minister had once proposed for Turkey to join the pipeline project, Erdoğan said that even now terms could be discussed stressing that only with Turkish involvement is such a pipeline feasible.