TRNC-Azerbaijan relations
Date Added: 20 January 2022

President Ersin Tatar said that he is pleased that relations between Azerbaijan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are moving forward and improving and that social and cultural contacts are also intensifying between the two countries.

Speaking during a visit paid to him by the leader of the Azerbaijan Republican Peoples Party Badraddin Guliyev and his accompanying delegation, President Tatar said that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in its own struggle has always been devoted to Motherland Turkey and other Turkic states.

He also said that in the last few years, Azerbaijan’s success in Karabakh and its closeness with Turkey has been an inspiration for the Turkish Cypriot people.

Noting that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a Turkic state has given its own struggle in the Eastern Mediterranean and has won its own freedom, Tatar said that Azerbaijan is showing much interest in the TRNC.

“I have given many interviews to journalists and taken part in many television programs. We are the people of the same ancestry. We are states that share the same culture, have a unity of fate and stand by each other during all kinds of struggles” said Tatar and added that there is a Republic of Turkey which everyone respects.

“There are various, diverse and strong ties that bind us together. The Azerbaijani people are our brothers and I sincerely hope that in the shortest period of time we will increase our political ties as well” said Tatar.

Reminding that there is democracy in the TRNC, President Tatar pointed out that there are many students and academicians from Azerbaijan who study and teach at TRNC universities.

He concluded by noting that with every passing day relations between the TRNC and Azerbaijan are increasing