TRNC Strategic Vision Workshop
Date Added: 07 June 2022

President Ersin Tatar stated that the sovereignty of the Turkish Cypriot People is essential and that if it loses this then all economic gains will be lost.

“Our most important goal is to protect people’s welfare and further develop the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) economy,” stated Tatar.

President Ersin Tatar attended the TRNC Strategic Vision Workshop held at the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce under the auspices of the North Cyprus Young Businessmen’s Association and the Ankara Ostim Technical University.

In his speech at the workshop, President Tatar noted that as an economist he was fully aware of the importance of the workshop and stated that priorities should be determined.

Referring to the Cyprus problem, Tatar stated that protecting the people’s welfare and developing the TRNC economy are his priorities and added that there are two separate peoples and two equal sovereignties in Cyprus.

“The world must now accept this. Our sovereignty is essential. As soon as we lose this, conflict will again arise. We must stand firm on this issue, as we may be dragged to a point where the current economic gains can be lost,” he said.

“This is the struggle we are waging with the support of motherland Türkiye. Our structure needs to be corrected so that we can compete with South Cyprus. This requires manpower. The people of the TRNC have accomplished many things. Even in the most adverse conditions, we were able to stand strong. Our most important goal is to protect the welfare of the people and develop the TRNC economy,” he said.