Turkish Foreign Ministry slams ‘biased’ EP report on Türkiye
Date Added: 14 September 2023

The European Parliament’s (EP) 2022 Report on Türkiye, which is an advisory document, was adopted at the Plenary Session on 13 September 2023.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry slammed the European Parliament’s 2022 report on Türkiye on Wednesday.

“The Report, as a collection of unfounded allegations and prejudices based on disinformation by anti-Türkiye circles, is a reflection of the EP’s well-known shallow and non-visionary approach not only towards Türkiye-EU relations but also towards the future of the EU. This report, unfortunately, demonstrates that the EP members are captives of populist daily politics, and away from developing the right strategic approach to the EU, as well as to our region” the Ministry statement said.

“In such a critical period of time when the stability and security of our continent are at stake and a window of opportunity has been opened to revitalize Türkiye-EU relations, we find it irrational that the EP brings to the fore other pursuits parallel to the accession negotiations which are the backbone of Türkiye-EU relations” it added.

The Foreign Ministry also noted that the allegations that the EP has included in the Report regarding the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus issues reflecting unilateral views of certain circles and detached from historical and legal facts were null and void.

Stating that updating of the Customs Union and finalizing the visa liberalisation dialogue without delay were the common objectives of Türkiye and the EU in the forthcoming period, the Turkish Foreign ministry stressed that mutual steps to be taken in this regard will raise Türkiye-EU relations and Türkiye’s accession process to a new and dynamic level.

Noting that Türkiye had the potential to render the EU a global power, against all current challenges, in particular those related to security, energy, climate change, migration, trade diversion and economic difficulties, the Ministry said “the acknowledgement of this fact is only possible through a visionary perspective that does not surrender to the day-to-day interests of certain circles.”

“We expect the upcoming Parliament to be composed following the EP elections in 2024 to act with a rational, objective and constructive manner” the statement added.