Turkish Vice-President, Cevdet Yılmaz, gave a special interview to BRT
Date Added: 13 September 2023

Turkish Vice-President, Cevdet Yılmaz, spoke to BRT and delivered important messages.

Noting that major and ambitious projects such as water and Ercan have been implemented, Yılmaz said, “Now it’s time for energy.”

He also stressed that the reciprocal interconnection project would not only connect the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) to the world, but also all of Cyprus.

Expressing his belief that all of these major projects will increase prosperity in the TRNC, Yılmaz said, “Our past and history are one, our future and destiny are also one. We will move forward together and will experience the prosperity that this will provide, together.”

The Turkish Vice-President also stressed that the TRNC’s place in the Turkic world was of great importance not only for the TRNC, but also for the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Yılmaz said the Economic and Financial Cooperation Protocol aimed to strengthen the existence and infrastructure of the TRNC and to raise the welfare of the Turkish Cypriots.

Noting that the protocol was shaped by common sense, Yılmaz said, “The priority of the document is the priority of the TRNC. There are major infrastructure projects. Without these, it is impossible for the country and the investment climate to develop. One of them is the water project, the roads of Ercan, other roads, investments in health, education and important partnerships in the field of energy. There is also the issue of irrigation. Investments will take place both in the public and a private sectors. No country can grow only with public investments. We also need to support entrepreneurship. This is also in the protocol. Support to the real sector, especially supporting young and women entrepreneurs. Bringing together entrepreneurs in the world and entrepreneurs in the TRNC are the priorities of this protocol.”

Speaking about the agricultural irrigation project, Yılmaz stated that the developments in the world have shown how important the agricultural sector and food are, and he described the master plan to be launched on this issue as vital.

Yılmaz said, “We have realized a huge project. Water was transported under the sea. It was used primarily for drinking. Now it is time for the irrigation part. Important work is underway. We need the water to reach Güzelyurt and Mesarya. Productivity will increase. More products will be obtained and welfare will increase. It will lead to the development of trade and the food industry. All of these will contribute to the general economy. It will turn into employment and welfare.”

Stating that the TRNC also needed to develop its storage areas, he said, “We have to prepare ourselves for the future in a stronger way. In this sense, we have made a very important investment.”

Referring to the energy issue, Turkish Vice-President Yılmaz stressed that a project is being discussed that envisages establishing an interconnected system with Türkiye and will integrate not only the TRNC but the entire island with the world.

“It is a very important investment on our agenda. We signed a memorandum of understanding on this issue. With this memorandum, we accelerated the process. A feasibility study is currently being conducted. After this is completed, we will proceed to the construction phase. We are talking about a two-line system. We are talking about a system that will transfer electricity from Türkiye to the TRNC and from the TRNC to the world. When you are part of the interconnected system, the capacity for renewable energy will also expand. Supply security will also be provided” Yılmaz explained.

Stating that they will work to meet the TRNC’s energy deficit needs until a solution is found, he said, “As with water and Ercan, as these kinds of projects come to life, the Turkish Cypriot people will have a more prosperous life. We will succeed in electricity now too.”

Yılmaz also stressed that it was important to work to overcome any problems without giving in to despair, and to be confident.

Evaluating the place of the TRNC in the Turkic world and Aliyev’s words at the meeting in Baku last week, Yılmaz said, “I would like to thank Aliyev. We say three states, one nation. The TRNC will gradually become more effective in the world. It will move forward through various channels. The TRNC is facing an inhumane isolation. These will be eliminated one by one. Now there is a virtual world. In such a period, the injustice of isolations is more evident.”

“The place of the TRNC in the Turkic world is not only important for the TRNC, but also for the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean” the Turkish Vice-President stressed.

Noting that Türkiye’s 100th anniversary was being realized, Yılmaz said, “We are starting a new era by evaluating our 100-year accumulation. We call this the Türkiye Century. We are not an ordinary country. We will walk into the future as a country with as individuals who have grown up in the conditions of this century, high technological development, democracy, and legal standards. We will join the class of advanced countries. The strengthening of Türkiye will take place with the strengthening of the TRNC. We will see the same effect in our neighbouring countries.”

“Our past and history are one, our future and destiny is one. We will move forward together and experience the prosperity it will provide,” he added.