Üstel tasked with forming next government
Date Added: 10 May 2022

Minister for Interior and National Unity Party (UBP) MP Ünal Üstel on Monday said that he will launch work immediately to form the next government, expressing the belief that the government will be formed as soon as possible.

“We will overcome the hard times in unity and solidarity and open the way for the country” Üstel told reporters after being tasked by President Ersin Tatar with setting up the new government.

He thanked President Ersin Tatar, UBP leader Faiz Sucuoğlu and UBP deputies who believed and trusted him.

Reiterating that he will get to work immediately to form the next government Üstel said, “At the point we have arrived, there are problems that have accumulated in the country and are waiting for a solution, therefore the sooner the government is formed the sooner the problems can be overcome.”