Wet weather expected over next few days
Date Added: 09 January 2024

Today, initially, locally increased cloudiness is expected to bring isolated showers mainly in the west, mountainous, and southern coastal areas.

Gradually, the weather will become partly cloudy, and sporadically, locally mostly cloudy, with local showers and isolated thunderstorms expected in the west.

Isolated phenomena are also anticipated in other regions.

Isolated showers and downpours are expected over the next few days with the arrival of a low pressure front effective in the area bringing some relief to the dry conditions prevalent this winter.

Overnight in the west and north, isolated rains and thunderstorms are expected, and in the higher mountains snow or sleet.

Dust will persist in the air.

Temperatures will fall to 7C in the interior, 9C in the southeast and on the north coast, 11C on the remaining coasts, and 1C in the higher mountains.

Winds will be mainly south- to north-westerly, light to moderate, up to 4 Beaufort.

The sea will remain rough.

Wednesday will see more rain and isolated storms, initially in the west and north, and gradually in the rest of the island, with snowfall expected along the Troodos mountain range.

Thursday will start off clear, with rains expected as the day progresses mainly in the southern half of the island.

Rains are expected to continue on Friday with evening showers and isolated thunderstorms from the west.

Temperatures are set to drop on Wednesday, remaining steady throughout the rest of the week, close to average for the season.