Works of artists interviewed by Hakan Çakmak are on display
Date Added: 30 November 2023

Within the framework of Bayrak Radio Television Corporations (BRTK) 60th Anniversary activities, an exhibition that displayed the works of artists interviewed by Hakan Çakmak in art programs to honour his memory and preserve his contributions was opened at the Atatürk Cultural Centre.

88 works of 60 artists are being exhibited at the exhibition.

In order to commemorate Hakan Çakmak, who devoted years of service to our institution and whom we lost, and to perpetuate his work, an exhibition of his works was opened on his birthday.

The exhibition, which is part of the BRTK’s 60th-anniversary events, is sponsored by KKTC Telsim and ARUCAD, and was inaugurated at the Atatürk Cultural Centre on Wednesday.

The exhibition will remain open for visitation until December 8.

The exhibition, essentially reflecting Hakan Çakmak’s interviews with artists in his programs, was organised by Ayhatun Ateşin.

The other pieces of work that are on display and prepared by other artists will then be exhibited in the “Art Diary” corridor in the BRTK Broadcasting History Museum.

Speaking at the opening ceremony the Director of Bayrak Radio Television Corporation Meryem Özkurt stated that Hakan Çakmak brought art and the audience together in Northern Cyprus and noted that his loss had been felt in culture and art society.

Stating that the void of Hakan Çakmak’s programs could never be filled, Özkurt said that this was a huge deficiency for BRT.

BRTK Broadcasting History Museum Curator and project manager of the exhibition Ayhatun Ateşinde said that Hakan Çakmak’s work is hope for art.

Noting that Hakan Çakmak revealed the endless journey of art and the art agenda with his programs until the end of his life, Ateşin expressed the importance of art and artists coming together and producing.

Telsim Vodafone Deputy General Manager Fevzi Tanpınar aaid that Hakan Çakmak was a memory hunter and collected everything that could get his hands on.

Turkish Ambassador to Lefkoşa Metin Feyzioğlu for his part said that he was a lawyer, but that art was ahead of law.

Following the speeches, plaques were presented to the contributors and the exhibition was opened by Hakan Çakmak’s children.