Heat, showers, and maybe even thunderstorms
Date Added: 10 July 2024

Rain showers and possibly even thunderstorms and hailstones will set the scene on a Wednesday of wild weather, with the heavens forecast to open inland and in the Troodos mountains in the early afternoon.

The precipitation is not predicted to bring temperatures down, however, with temperatures set to reach a high of 39 degrees Celsius inland, 38 degrees Celsius on the north coast, 32 degrees Celsius on the west coast, 34 degrees Celsius on the rest of the coasts, and 29 degrees Celsius in the mountains.

After the forecast storms, the weather will be clear overnight, though with the possibility of increased cloud cover in some areas.

Light mist or fog is expected to form in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Temperatures overnight are expected to drop to 24 degrees Celsius inland and on the coasts and 21 degrees Celsius in the mountains.

Warm and clear mornings broken up by potentially rainy and stormy afternoons will remain the rhythm of Thursday and Friday, with mostly clear weather and the possibility of cloud cover expected for Saturday.

Temperatures are expected to remain stable until at least Saturday.