Young Energy Project
Date Added: 14 September 2023

The Young Energy Project, carried out by the Youth Department of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment, with the contributions of the Development and Economic Cooperation Office of the Turkish Embassy in Lefkoşa kicked off on Wednesday.

The project’s broadcast sponsorship is being undertaken by Bayrak Radio Television Corporation (BRTK) within the framework of the 60th anniversary celebrations.

The main goal of the Young Energy Project is to encourage young people to use new media tools effectively.

The project also aims to support the cultural, artistic, sportive and scientific activities of young people and to help them take responsibility for social issues, express their feelings and thoughts, develop their creative thinking capacities and become more visible in the public arena.

Young people will be able to participate in this contest individually or in groups of up to five with maximum three-minute videos.

The contest will be organized in the 12-18, 19-25 and 26-35 age categories.

The content to be submitted is expected to have artistic and cultural authenticity.

In addition, the music, effects and visuals to be used in the content, should not be subject to copyright.

Those who come first, second and third from each age group will receive awards and be published.

The deadline for applications for the Young Energy Video Content Contest is on October 15, 2023.

Those who want to participate in the competition can apply at