President Tatar receives Türkiye’s KAMU SEN
Date Added: 09 February 2024

The Confederation of Public Workers Unions of Türkiye are in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) to hold a variety of contacts.

President Ersin Tatar received Vice President of the Confederation of Public Workers Unions of Türkiye Yücel Kazancıoğlu and his accompanying delegation.

Speaking during the visit, President Tatar expressed his belief that the Republic of Türkiye will achieve greater success step by step as the strong state of the region and noted that the achievements of Türkiye will have positive reflections on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC).

Stating that as a Turkish state in the southernmost part of the Eastern Mediterranean, they are working for the further strengthening of the TRNC, Tatar thanked the union for always supporting the just cause of the Turkish Cypriots.

Explaining that a treaty on the basis of two states can only be a fair and sustainable treaty by taking into account the realities on the island, Tatar pointed to the importance of the presence of the Turkish military on the island as a deterrent force and expressed the necessity of maintaining the Turkish-Greek balance.

He said as a separate people, the Turkish Cypriots will not give up on their vested rights arising from international agreements, and that they continue to share with the international community that only with the registration of their sovereign equality and international equal status can they move to the comprehensive negotiation table.

Tatar added that they will not step back from this policy, which is fully supported by Türkiye.

Vice President of the Confederation Yücel Kazancıoğlu for his part reiterated the unions support for the Cyprus cause.