Prime Minister Ünal Üstel in İskenderun
Date Added: 17 November 2023

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel traveled to İskenderun to attend the opening of the Champion Angels Village.

After completing his visits in Adana, Prime Minister Üstel met with Hatay Governor Mustafa Masatlı before participating in the opening ceremony of the container village built for the Feburary 8 Earthquake victims.

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel, who was in Adana moved onto İskenderun on Friday morning for the opening of the Champion Angels Village built for the victims of the February 6 earthquake in Türkiye.

Before visiting the Champion Angels Village, Prime Minister Üstel paid a visit to Hatay Governor Mustafa Masatlı.

Accompanied by his wife Zerrin Üstel and his accompanying delegation, Prime Minister Üstel visited the earthquake victims living in the container city located within the Rauf Raif Denktaş Park campus of the İskenderun Municipality.

After the visit, Prime Minister Üstel and his accompanying delegation attended the opening ceremony of the village.

Among those accompanying Prime Minister Üstel were Zalihe Mendeli, the Consul General of the TRNC in Mersin, Hüseyin Cahitoğlu and Durali Güçlüsoy from the Prime Ministry, Özdemir Tokel, Political Advisor to the Prime Minister, and members of the Cyprus Turkish Solidarity Platform, including Dimağ Çağıner, President of the Cyprus Turkish Hoteliers Association, Ali Kamacıoğlu, President of the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry, and Cafer Gürcafer, President of the Cyprus Turkish Contractors Association.