Turkish Cypriots exists in Cyprus by adhering to their national values
Date Added: 30 November 2023

President Ersin Tatar received the Vice Rector of the Turkish National Defence University Prof. Dr. Serdar Salman and the Director of the Air Warfare Institute Pilot Major General Yaşar Kadıoğlu.

Tatar said that the importance of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is a Turkish State in the Eastern Mediterranean, has become more important as natural resources, security issues, sea and airspace issues have gained importance after global developments have taken place.

Noting that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is the insurance and key to peace, tranquillity and security in the region, Tatar stressed that Türkiye’s achievements in the national defence industry have also raised the status of the TRNC.

Pointing out that after the establishment of a possible partnership republic with the Greek Cypriot side in order to reach an agreement in Cyprus, Türkiye’s guarantees will end and Turkish troops will be withdrawn on grounds that guarantees are outdated within the European Union, President Tatar noted that this situation is never acceptable.

Drawing attention to the importance of raising young people at the National Defence University with the lessons given on national values, spirituality and love for the flag, Tatar stated that young people from the TRNC will take part in the Security Forces Command and the Turkish Armed Forces in the future.

“We fought great struggles and with the military operation of the guarantor country Türkiye on the island on July 20, 1974, both the independence and freedom of the Turkish Cypriots and the security of the Republic of Türkiye in the Eastern Mediterranean were ensured” said Tatar.

Vice Rector of the Turkish National Defence University Prof. Dr. Serdar Salman for his part noted that Cyprus has always been very important for Türkiye and pointed out that many Turkish Cypriots receive education in military schools in Türkiye and the National Defence University.